About Cyphertribe


I am intrigued by the concept of entirely online organizations, and I aspire to create one. Fedimint appears to be a promising initial step; although currently limited to community payments, it could serve as a solid groundwork for establishing DAOs, marketplaces, and more. For now, I'm running the Federation alone but hope to find like-minded individuals to start a larger federation with. If you are interested please shoot me an email.

The Fedimint federation I'm running is fully centralized. Don't put serious money on it or don't complain if you lose it.

If this federation is shutting down due to the founding of a bigger federation I'll give a 30 day window to withdraw funds to the new federation. Any funds left after that will be viewed as a donation.

If technical issues arise this might not be possible and the federation may just stop. We'll figure something out in that case and let's hope it doesn't come to that.